Everybody uses apps







E*Trade bets on , bar code to update

Voice recognition and mobile deposits are specialized functions for apps.  Bar code scanning and QR Codes are something everyone can do and afford.

Pizza Hut, Boston embrace app to reward customers

This is increasingly more and more a common practice of restaurants and food chains like Pizza Hut & Papa John’s.  This is something that smaller food chains or non-chain stores can easily implement, and benefit from.

Ask us how fast we can set you up to start having your customers scanning in your .  You’ll both benefit!

Home Depot takes tablet-first strategy with design look

Home Depot made their app for iPad, only.  They decided to specialize because they liked the features and feel of the iPad.  Your application is automatically designed and built to be available for all mobile devices, including iPad, Blackberry and Windows devices.  It can, if you wish, be limited to just one market.