About M'PRESS'D™ Marketing LLC

M'PRESS'D™ Marketing LLC is a small B2B company based in Cape Coral SW FL. Our ideal clients are Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Micro and Small Business Owners who are ready to take their business, or career, to the next level via Consulting, Press Release Marketing and the technology available to reach and engage hundreds, if not thousands, of new and potential customers/ clients or fans on their mobile devices.

Our Mission is to be the trusted resource that you 'go to' for premium, but affordable, marketing tools using the latest mobile marketing technology. We attract your attention and gain your trust by offering relevant and engaging content on our site, and by providing Local Business Tourism Marketing news, tips and updates via our monthly publication. The overall Goal of M'PRESS'D™ Marketing is to help you prosper! We provide the tools and guidance you need to grow and nurture your business or career. Guidance includes making sure you're seen by the right market or audience.

Our tools include:

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