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Well, as I said earlier, ‘change is coming’ and ‘you must be flexible in your business’.  That applies to all aspects of your business; from the way you put items on the floor or in the windows to display them, to the way you present your company blog.

This is more than likely the last post you’ll read on this site. Previous posts will be accessible, but they’ll be archived.

M’PRESS’DTM Marketing LLC is growing and we’re just too spread out all over the place. The only way I want M’PRESS’DTM Marketing  to be all over the internet is with articles, ads and banners to drive our market to us!

There are at least three things that I would like to address in this post:

  • the focus groups that ere mentioned a few weeks ago,
  • the affiliate program that was mentioned months ago,
  • our Flipboard magazine, M’PRESS’DTM
      • our soon to be released mobile directory.

Then I’ll be more than happy to go back to the marketing plan we were talking about.


The focus groups have been put on the back burner for the time being. This is something that has to be done, so it isn’t going to go away.  If you would like to be added to the list of people interested in participating, enter your first name and email address in the form below.  There will be some sort of compensation for your time and involvement.

Enter your information in the form below if you’re interested in being considered for participation in one of our focus groups. Mobile # isn’t required, but would be appreciated. These focus groups are about mobile marketing products.  You’ll receive no more than 4 text messages/mo.- 1/week and up to 6 emails/mo.

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More than likely it will be another 2-3 weeks before we’re ready to roll out our Affiliate Program. This will include all the products and services that are sold in Mobile Tools Shop at the present time. We’re considering payments that will be uniform in the beginning and switch to percentages after a set number.  Affiliates will be incentivized and motivated to sell.

M’PRESS’D Magazine - our Flipboard Magazine

The second volume of M’PRESS’D will be available soon.  The cover and cover story will be about the consolidation of Innovation in Personal Marketing & Branding Blog and the Mobile Marketing Tools Shop.  Of course you’ll find articles that are relevant to mobile marketing, current events, technological breakthroughs, the latest art news and fashion trends.  We’re seeking contributors for our magazine and blog.  If you have a particular subject you’re comfortable writing about and would like to expand your audience. Consider writing for our Innovation in Personal Marketing & Branding Blog or M’PRESS’D Magazine



This is the ‘cover’ of the SW Paradise Mobile Directory & Coupons

SW Paradise Mobile Directory & Coupons is SW FL’s ONLY Six County Mobile Directory w/Coupons. It’s a comprehensive Directory that offers three levels of listings, making it possible for all SWFL Businesses and Entertainment Venues to list their Business or Professional Service and be found by all mobile using residents of the six county area. It’s more important to note that SW Paradise Mobile Directory & Coupons makes it easy for the listed businesses and venues to be found by vacationers, ‘Snowbirds’, U.S. and International visitors.

The three levels are:

  • Free Palladium Listing,
  • Gold Listing and the
  • Platinum Listing  

The difference in the listings being the number of coupons the business can offer to the public.



 Please take time to  . . .



M’PRESS’Dᵀᴹ MAGAZINE Now Available!

mpressd-cvrWe’re trying something new! Click here to get M’PRESS’D Magazine

Would really like to get some feedback from you on this. This first issue contains one post and 3 products from the store.  The plan is to use this as a marketing tool to gain more visibility for the blog and the store.

Flip books are an excellent vehicle for advertising and getting your message, product or service out to more people in a very sleek and professional manner. You can create your own digital magazine  around any subject you want.

Take a look at M’PRESS’D.  If you like it please let me know.  If there’s something you don’t like about it, feel free to share that too.  As always, you comments are greatly appreciated.

Test groups will be forming in the very near future. I’m inviting my subscribers to apply for acceptance. Whatever product or service you test will be available for you to use, free of charge, for 6 months. There will however, be a fee to be a participant in any of these groups.  We’re looking for people who will be committed to and serious about the project.

When you get the opportunity . . .
follow me on Twitter:
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and follow M’PRESS’D Marketing on Google+:

More information and details in the next post, which will probably include the sign up form.

The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me. –Ayn Rand

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How Flexible are You in Your Business?

flexibility&changeDon’t be afraid to be flexible!  Your idea is great and you know just what you want to do, so why should you pay attention to what anyone else has to say.  Because they just might have something to offer. Not necessarily something better, but something that might enhance what you’re doing or make it a bit easier. Being flexible requires having more than one plan and being willing to take risks. We all know that even the most carefully thought out plan can develop bumps. Unfortunately, we aren’t always as in control of the details as much as we like to think we are. ;D

When I read over my last post, I realized that I had neglected  to mention the importance of remaining flexible throughout your journey to success.  It’s of the utmost importance!  In the beginning, when you start putting your project together, you want to be as definite as possible about your goals. It’s also a good idea to define your mission by creating your Mission Statement. You’ll also need to clarify your Vision.

Look at it this way, your business is your vehicle to reach your goals and objectives that will strengthen your Vision. Your Mission gives you the opportunity to tell your story. And it’s all driven by your marketing strategy (the what you’re doing) which is easier to follow when you have a marketing plan (the map explaining how you get from one goal or objective to the next) to let people know about your Vision so they can get involved and help make it a reality!

It’s really not as complicated as it might sound.  People make a business plan and forget all about the marketing plan, which is a key element of your business plan, especially if you’re thinking about going after funding. Investors and Angels definitely want to see a viable Marketing Plan.


Determine what it is you want to do, then plan how you want to do it.  Set goals and give yourself a time frame for each one. Benchmark your progress and/ or results from a particular campaign or tactic against a competitor that you admire and secretly use as your standard and business model to emulate.

Your Mission Statement tells how you’re going to make your Vision a reality.

As an example, let’s say it’s the amount of money you want to make, like $5000/mo. in sales; that’s your objective.  At that point you start introducing a monthly special on each product in your line, with a certain amount being donated to your favorite charity every month, your goal.  The planned steps you take every day are your objectives to help you reach your goal.

As I said earlier, your Marketing Plan is a very important part of your Business Plan.  You may not have a Marketing Plan in place yet, but you must have a Business Plan.

Your Marketing Plan tells how you plan to not only deliver your product or service, but also communicate your message to the people who will be interested in and unable to refuse what you’re offering. Flexibility in your marketing is necessary.  If you find that a tactic doesn’t work, don’t get all stressed out about it! It is not, I repeat NOT the end of the world! Examine the results, see what you can change to get the results you were hoping to achieve. Or, try something all together different, that might yield better results.  Remember, that flexibility and growth go hand-in-hand.

The Mission of M’PRESS’D Marketing LLC is to be the ‘go to’ marketing resource for entrepreneurs, industry professionals, local and small business owners,  We do this by providing cutting edge technology in the form of mobile marketing tools. Our Mobile Marketing Strategy is customized and tweaked to fit you and your brand.

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Spring Cleaning means Organizing & Tossing Anything that ISN’T Working!

It’s summer here in FL and it’s Hot! The store is open, but I still have to upgrade my blog, give business site a face lift and upgrade my personal site.  This seems to be never ending.  And to complicate matters I’m learning 2 new software programs. Amazing how much you can accomplish when you challenge yourself.  It’s all about proving to yourself that you can reach your goals.  How important is your mission?

I post a lot of quotes by different people and I remember reading one the other day deciding whether or not I wanted to post it .  Now seems to be the perfect time, because it’s a perfect fit.



Sometimes we set goals for ourselves that are too easily attainable.  The goal is achieved and we want to lay back and bask in the glow of success!  Nothing wrong with celebration. Whenever you reach a goal, it’s most definitely time to CELEBRATE!

Picking your moments to celebrate is like choosing your battles.  Do it wisely.  Now, let me get back to organizing and tossing!

The first thing you want to do is make a list of things you know have to be done.  Call them tasks or call them steps. Let’s start by prioritizing as we create this list of ‘To Dos’.

Do you have a space where you can work, whenever you want? Your dedicated space, not someplace that doubles as a space that’s used for something else , most of the time.  You have an office, that’s super!  Organize that space and let’s get started! Start with your strategy -what are you going to do and who is your market? Then we start working on the ‘Plan’ or the tactics we’ll use to achieve your goals.

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Mobile Marketing Tools Shop is on Facebook!

When you’re on fb you can stop and pick up your FREE QR-SM Sign at !


FREE Shipping through the 31st

Says it all!.  Been Quite a day, but, Tomorrow’s another day and we keep moving right along!

Ooops! How Embarrassing!

so-embarrassedI’ve always been able to do stuff, like stick my foot in my mouth, etc.  I truly outdid myself today! Mobile Marketing Tools Shop  was scheduled to open for business today at 2pm ET. I pushed the button at 1:59pm ET, kept working til about three and took a lunch break. Talking about other things and not really thinking about the store. Sat down and saw the sign that says “Your store is down for maintenance!” WHAT??????!!!!!!!!!! 2 hours later, finally open! Apologies to everyone. Thanks for coming to the Opening and please don’t hold this fiasco against us!

We’re here and hope you’ll come back to check us out. The Specials are extended to the 31st! and the 1st 150 orders for FREE QR-SM Signs get FREE Shipping. Please accept my apology for any inconvenience this may have caused you. Your comments are appreciated.

Successful Consultants Deliver Excellent Customer Service

Special Coupon Code for Mailing List Guests

toolsshopHave you been to Open House yet? Stop by and check it out! Still adding finishing touches, I want to add apps that’ll make the time you spend on the site, looking or shopping, a pleasant experience.

If there’s something you think would make it a better experience, please leave a comment and let me know. Thanks.

I’m going to try something a bit different for Grand Opening. First, I’d like to thank those of you who have taken time to visit the site. Thanks for the visit. Mobile Marketing Tools Shop is a work-in-progress and will never be a static site due to the nature of marketing, particularly mobile & social marketing which have proved to be major game changers.

OK, back to the something new. MUBC2.05 is a unique, digital business card. It has features the virtual and me card haven’t come close to including. That’s why MUBC2.05 is the Premier, Digital Business Card. We want you to try it. Start with BABY2.05; it doesn’t have all the features, but it includes the basics, enough to give you a good idea of what it’s capable of and with the 60 Day Trial you have time to get familiar with the features and see how they can help you grow your business. To celebrate the Grand Opening of Mobile Marketing Tools Shop and to show how much we believe in MUBC2.05 and the difference it can make in how you handle your Personal Marketing, M’PRESS’D Marketing is giving a special coupon to everyone who joins our mailing list by signing up for the Newsletter.

Go to and enter your email address as requested. You’ll be sent your Special Coupon Code that gives you a discount on BABY or MUBC2.05, your choice.  The Coupon Code will be sent approximately 3 days after you confirm your email address and sign up. OR, you can enter the requested information in the form below and receive your Special Coupon Code in 24 hours as a text.

If you decide to use the form below, be advised that you will be asked for additional information such as your full name, zip code and email address. All this is used to personalize the messages we send out and where our audience is located. The form below puts you on our mobile marketing list.  And that’s a good thing!

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We don’t clog your inbox with irrelevant messages, try to sell you something everyday or find other ways to disrespect your privacy. We know it is a privilege to have access to you on your smartphone, so we don’t send any more than 4 messages/mo, if that many. Give us a try, you can always type in STOP.

May 16, 2014

Thank you for joining our VIP List.  

Your information will not be shared with anyone.


You’re Invited to Open House for Mobile Mktg Tools Shop!

The store is open everything is being fine tuned!

Today thru the 27th of this month we’ll be having an Open House to introduce the Mobile Mktg Tools Shop and M’PRESS’D Marketing LLC‘s products and services.

I’d love to get your feedback! Come and check us out during the Open House and again during the Grand Opening. Be one of the first to review the site. Get one of the free signs and write a review on that too. Your help and support is greatly appreciated. Thanks!  The Coupon code is worth $2 OFF Shipping! Expires 5/27.  The affiliate program should be ready in the next couple of weeks.

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