Update & Upgrades on the Horizon

Site upgrade happening soon    It’s time for a new look.  Been thinking about it for awhile now and it’s definitely time to make the change.  Several posts back I said I didn’t see any sense in RWD.  I hadn’t seen anything that was really impressive. But, to be fair, I said I would continue to look into it.  Recently, I’ve been updating sites and building new ones. While doing all this, I was able to checkout RWD templates.

I tried a responsive countdown that wasn’t too bad.  It used a full screen image background, that would have reduced perfectly if I hadn’t added a header to the site. So that one was OK.

I’m putting an online store together for our product line and it’s supposed to be responsive, so far so good! There have been alot of changes going on lately and I apologize for leaving you out of the loop. But in order to tell you what was happening I had to wait for several things to fall into place.

New products have been approved and will be made available before the store is opened.  You already know about the 60 Day Trial. . .  that’s undergone some changes too.

The one thing that hasn’t changed is our commitment to creating and offering innovative products and services that will set you and your business apart as a leader in your community and industry. Our products and strategies will change:

  1. the way you present or share your product or service,
  2. target your audience, and will make it easier to
  3. strengthen recognition of your brand online and offline,
  4. create top-of-mind awareness of your brand,
  5. drive targeted traffic to your website or store and
  6. engage your new contacts while you
  7. make that connection.

Thanks for reading and subscribing to my blog.

Geo-Location Webinar: Tuesday, March 18, 2014 – Register Now

The Mobile Marketing Association sent this email earlier today regarding a webinar they’re hosting.  The presenters will walk you through 3 real life case studies.

Location-based advertising has evolved dramatically from its humble beginnings of simple geo-fence tests. Applying location intelligence to mobile campaigns is driving measurable ROI.

WEBINAR: Top 3 Location-Based Advertising Insights Across Retail, QSR and Auto
Tuesday, March 18, 2014 – 2.00pm to 3.00pm EDT
Register now.


  • Monica Ho, Vice President Marketing, xAd
  • Heather Sears, Executive Director, Marketing, YP
  • James Smith, Chief Revenue Officer, Verve Mobile

Register now and enjoy.

FREE Social QR Signs

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Thanks for your interest and for Subscribing to my blog.  Sign up to join my VIP List, and get a Free, laminated, full color Social QR Code Sign (Retail Value: $19.95). Pay $6.95 for customization, shipping & handling.  You’ll also receive an alert when the new, mobile site is up with everything in place.

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Your Coupon is Good.

Hey, Holiday Greetings! How are you?  Just taking a minute to say I’m still here, been occupied with a new product and getting sites up.  Not a reason to leave you out of the flow, I know.  Apologies for that.goldxmas candleSometimes I’m too focused.  What I really wanted to say is that I’m aware time is growing short on the QR code coupon for BABY2.05.  It will expire soon and there hasn’t been a way for you to order.  Not to worry!  All that will be taken care of shortly.  The expiration date for the coupon still holds, but if you already have the coupon, it will be honored.  I’m referring to the QR Code in the header image on the hmpg.  Its a good way to check out MUBC2.05.  BABY is a smaller version with no monthly fee.  It’s limited, but still useful for building your list and standing apart as an individual on the cutting edge.  Not everyone is ready for digital business cards, but it has to happen!

Checkout new product and give me your feedback. http://smbsocialqr.mpressdmarketing-llc.com

Isis Mobile Wallet

 Isis Mobile Wallet, sounds like a well thought out product.  It’s available for select phones on select networks.  Is it possibly a better Mobile Wallet for the Android Community?

AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless Networks are currently the only networks that offer Isis Wallet.

Phones on AT&T:

Image of a Samsung Galaxy Note® 3

  • HTC One™ VX
  • HTC One®
  • LG Optimus G Pro™
  • LG Optimus G™
  • Pantech Discover™
  • Samsung Galaxy Note® 3
  • Samsung Galaxy Note® II
  • Samsung Galaxy Rugby Pro™
  • Samsung Galaxy S® 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S® 4 Active™
  • Samsung Galaxy S® III
  • Samsung Galaxy S® III mini
  • Samsung Galaxy Mega™

Image of a Samsung Galaxy Note II

Phones on T-Mobile:

  • HTC One
  • Samsung Galaxy S Note® II
  • Samsung Galaxy S™ II
  • Samsung Galaxy S® 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S® III LTE
  • Samsung Galaxy S® Relay 4G
  • Sony Xperia® Z


Phones on Verizon:

  • CASIO G’zOne Commando® 4G LTE
  • Hydro ELITE by Kyocera
  • LG G2
  • Pantech Perception™
  • Samsung Galaxy Note II
  • Samsung Galaxy S® 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S® III
  • Samsung Galaxy Stratosphere II
  • Spectrum™ 2 by LG

 What you need to get started

  1. Be on one of the three networks listed:AT&T or T-Mobile or Verizon
  2. Have one of the ‘compatible’ phones (with NFC) listed above for that network. Your phone must have an ‘Enhanced Sim Card with secure element- it’s designed to store and protect your payment information.
  3. Install the Isis App available at the Google Play Store – Isis Wallet is for the Android Community.

How it Works

You hold your phone over the contactless symbol at checkout.  It reads the Enhanced Sim card.

To add money to your phone, load your Amex or Chase credit card. If you don’t like that idea, set up an American Express Serve account and fund it from your credit card, debit card or bank account.

Get full details at the Isis site: https://www.paywithisis.com

Please share your comments on this latest development.  With acceptance by these three wireless networks, Isis has made Mobile Commerce, truly mobile commerce.

RWD (Responsive Web Design) vs. ADA (Audience & Device Aware)

I’m often told, and often guilty, I make blanket statements.  I guess I do, but don’t we all?  Especially when we decide we don’t like something or we’re affected in a negative way by something we had no sense of appreciation for in the first place. So what am I talking about?  I haven’t been too vague about my opinion of responsive web design.  I don’t care for it, at all.  It’s not a good short cut.

I did a little more research, thinking maybe I was missing something and that it had some redeeming qualities. NOT!  However, I have reached the realization that, like everything else, there are different levels of quality.  I haven’t gone on a search to check out different sites owned by large corporations that can afford to have premium quality, responsive sites built for them.  The sites I’ve come in contact with have been very frustrating to use.  I also recognize and accept the fact that I’m a purest.  Some might call it old fashioned, but it’s more than that. I like things working properly, doing what they’re meant to do. Especially technology, systems and procedures.rwd-ada

This isn’t a blog on web design, so I won’t go into great detail and technical terms to express myself. RWD comes with terms like fluid grid, media queries and flexible images.  Working within this context is what allows the site content to ‘adapt’ to the screen size of the visitor’s device. It’s like a ‘one size fits all’ approach with a bit of extra elastic to pull in the excess. Or the neighbor’s Yorkshire Terrier’s doghouse expanding to accommodate a visiting relative’s Afghan Hound!  Sounds extreme, but I viewed images of examples that were supposedly able to demonstrate that extreme. They looked good, but I’m still not convinced. They were the exceptions.  Its not like RWD just happened yesterday, but it still has a way to go before its perfect.  I commend the  developers for being innovative, but everything has limitations, including, and especially technology.  Isn’t that why it’s constantly changing, because it’s continually being improved?

Then there’s the ADA, audience and device awareness.  I like the way that reads, especially the part about the audience.  Isn’t that what your website’s all about?  You put great content on your site in hopes of developing a interested and loyal audience, so why punish them when they decide to visit you from their mobile phone?  I thought we built mobile sites so we could make our content available to our mobile audience.  Why punish them for being loyal by giving them a site they have to stretch and slide around just so they can read it?  Mobile users want simplicity which translates to being able to tap on links to get to another page, tap-to call, tap-to-SMS and  all this with a minimum of scrolling.  It makes me wonder if RWD was created for web designers who didn’t want to invest a lot of time building custom sites for different screen sizes or clients who wanted to annoy their customers by making them waste time stretching images and sliding them back and forth on their mobile phone screens.

I know you have an opinion about this topic, please leave your comments.  I’d love to hear what you have to say. Tell me what I’m missing on RWD.  What’s great about it?






Work in Progress

I’m working on a marketing project for consumers and marketers who are new to mobile marketing and want to learn more about. I’m talking about people who aren’t ready to jump in with both feet without knowing where they might land. Not a bad approach when you think about it.wrk-n-prgress

I started with the QR Code and was going to let it go at that for a Quick Start , until I started thinking about SMS and how everyone is already using SMS everyday. OK, so now I have two avenues that can be used to introduce the initiate to mobile marketing. But I want this to be as inexpensive as possible. We all know that texting can be expensive. So I’m thinking about all this while I’m reading this article about iOS7 and wondering what all the fuss is about. What has Apple done now?

If you haven’t read anything about it, probably because you’re a loyal Android user, I suggest you take a few minutes and read the next article you see, or better yet, look for one!

Of the 200 new features boasted by this new system, the two that really stand out and have any significance to iPhone mobile marketing strategists are AirDrop and iMessage. AirDrop is especially useful because it allows the user to share files with selected contacts over Wi-Fi. Think of the possibilities and the opportunities that opens up for marketers! It’s a smooth costless way to transmit information that was too large to be sent by text and had to be emailed, while iMessage will be extremely effective for anyone needing to send messages in bulk. They’ll be able to send bulk texts to anyone, anywhere in the world for free, from wherever they might be! I’m an Android user and I got excited about all the SMS marketing possibilities!

Back to the project I’m working on . . . . this is something to help people get a Quick Start.  I’m thinking QR codes are the best place to start.  They’re basically a very simple tool, easy to use and quite effective when done correctly. Like telling people why they need to scan your QR Code.Just throwing a code out there doesn’t do it.  You need to attach a reason for the scan, which then become your incentive for the scan.  If the incentive is good, they will scan!.viplist-10-13-WPpost


It’s always better to give a CTA.

What is BABY2.05

MUBC2It’s been in the works for awhile, but it’s finally ready for Prime Time! I’m talking about BABY2.05! A scaled down version of MUBC2.05.  It was designed & created to be an introduction to My Ultimate Business Card2.05 for those who were curious, but hesitant about making the purchase. Completely understandable. So to help you experience this ‘list building’, power tool, the decision was made to make a ‘smaller’ pkg that wouldn’t be so intimidating.

MUBC2.05 is primarily a ‘list building’ power tool and a premium mobile website. We realize there is a bit of confusion about the best way to use digital business cards. Of course, in our opinion, MUBC2.05 is the Premier DBC and we’re happy to show you how to use it so you receive full benefit from this amazing tool! The coupon isn’t valid until October 15th, so don’t get upset because you can’t get it.  It’s not there yet! Patience my friends. . .

Another reason we did this was because it’s really unrealistic to offer a list building tool on a Trial basis.  If you’re just getting started, unless you start buying traffic, it’s still going to take a few minutes to get organic traffic.  Plus that may not be as targeted as you really want it to be.

There are three different versions of BABY2.05, but I’ll go into more in depth descriptions in later posts. This is only meant to be a Heads Up! But what you will have the opportunity to choose from is:

  1. BABY2.05.1 
  2. BABY2.05.2
  3. BABY2.05.3

Watch for more . . .


Recently I had a rather animated discussion with another designer about the pros and cons of web based mobile apps as opposed to native apps.  Both have their good points and both have things that work against them.  I think it’s a matter of perception from the EU’s point of view.

My opinion has been that you needed both a mobile website and an app.  While I was seeing things from this perspective I was not very familiar with web based apps.  I’d heard of them but hadn’t done any research to see how they could be or were being used.  The last few months have been very enlightening.  It’s amazing how information is suddenly right there in front of you when you know what you’re looking for.  Well, long story, short version: I gained an understanding of mobile web apps and began to appreciate how they could make my life less stressful.  I design apps as marketing tools for businesses.  The App Store doesn’t like marketing apps and they don’t want anything that has marketing in the title or is from a marketing company. Since the App Store isn’t a search engine and the search engines don’t crawl the apps, just how important is it to have an app in the App Store. Yeah, I know, prestige and exclusivity. Apple is currently paying for that with a sudden drop in figures.  My priority is getting that app on my customer’s iPhone or iPad, in addition to the Android devices.

Let me put it this way, if a web based mobile app can function and look the same as a native app on a touch enabled device, I’m willing to give it consideration. and a test run.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with mobile web apps, they’re mobile websites that can be bookmarked (like websites) on Android phones with the site icon being saved to your home screen; much like the icon for a native app, and used in the same manner to pull up the app.  iPhone users can touch the icon and save it to their home screen to be used as an app icon.  The requirement of being online before you can use the mobile web app is the biggest difference between the two types of app.  It’s definitely worth thinking about.

Compare native apps, mobile websites and mobile web apps.

Introducing the ‘More’ Tab

Other than the Contact feature, the ‘More‘ tab on your custom mobile app, in my opinion, is the second most important tab in your app.  Why?  Simple.  It’s the menu tab for the rest of your app.  It’s the fastest way to find out what’s in the app, everything will be listed there.  Some app builders prefer to have you scrolling, for days, trying to find a feature in a long line of icons that can run up and down the side of the home screen or across the top or bottom.  I think it’s more convenient to use the ‘More’ tab.  Using the tab doesn’t mean tab icon orientation is locked into one position.  It just means you don’t have to scroll as much, but the choice is yours!

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